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Welcome to Kim Eng Holdings Limited

Asia's Leading Securities & Investment Broker

Founded in 1972, Kim Eng started life as a Singapore stock broker. Today, it is a regional securities powerhouse with successful franchises across Asian financial markets. The parent company of the Kim Eng Group, Kim Eng Holdings, was the first stockbroker to list on the Singapore Stock Exchange in 1990 with a pre-IPO market capitalization of S$37 million and post-IPO capitalization of S$82 million. Today, its shareholders funds are over S$1billion.

Even before the trend of Singapore companies (encouraged by the Singapore Government) venturing overseas took place, Kim Eng recognized that there were inherent limitations to its continued growth if it continued to be a purely Singaporean concern. It saw the need to diversify its business geographically in the face of increasingly competitive industry commission structures and volatile stock markets. The year 1988 marked the beginning of its expansion drive outside its home base of Singapore when Kim Eng established its securities operating subsidiary in Hong Kong, Kim Eng Securities (Hong Kong) Limited. The following year, Kim Eng Securities (London) Limited, a sales office broking Asian securities to European institutional clients, was established.

Since then, Kim Eng's geographical expansion has not slowed down.

► Indonesia, 1990 (fully licensed securities company),
► Malaysia, 1990 (research office),
► United States, 1991 (sales office),
► Philippines, 1993 (fully licensed securities company),
► Thailand, 1998 (fully licensed securities company).

This strategy of geographical expansion is by no means over. In 2007, after several years of groundwork, Kim Eng announced the addition of operations with two new fully licensed securities companies in Vietnam and India.

It should be noted that apart from geographical diversification, Kim Eng has also relentlessly pursued product diversification and has thriving corporate finance, asset management and wealth management franchises.

In all its businesses and in honouring its roots as an Asian family enterprise, Kim Eng believes that business integrity and an uncompromising focus on the needs of its client base is the foundation of its continued success and relevance. In furtherance of its clients' needs, Kim Eng has continued to hold firm to its strategy of strengthening its core competencies with continued investment in people and technology, geographical diversification of its revenue streams, and integration of all these efforts into a coherent global franchise.

Kim Eng's objective when it establishes a securities company in any country is to become a market leader in its space. We are proud that in each market where we have established a stockbroking operation, we have substantial market share:

► Singapore (no. 2 in terms of share of market trading value)
► Thailand (no. 1)
► Philippines (top 5)
► Indonesia (no. 1)
► Hong Kong (upper tier 2)

Kim Eng's strategy in each country is to identify and collaborate with the right local partners. This will enable us to build a franchise that can be both a formidable player in the domestic retail market as well as an integral part of the Kim Eng value proposition to global investors. In order for us to develop our retail client base, the strategy is to substantially invest resources and understand the domestic retail market. Thereafter, we can respond to the market needs by customizing the retail brokerage product as well as lead the market with innovative products that appeal to it. At the same time, Kim Eng seeks to "deliver" the market to our global client base by introducing our institutional execution capabilities to the market and to apply our rigorous research models to our analysis of listed companies.

In both the retail and institutional businesses, continued investment in technology and talent underlines Kim Eng's commitment to deliver the best value to the entire breadth of our client base. In all cases, Kim Eng's offices are staffed almost entirely by local talent. Kim Eng believes that a local-centric approach to talent, the empowerment of local management and knowledge transfer is critical to the long term sustainability of every overseas operation. Kim Eng does not enter a market to be a peripheral player, dependent on foreign liquidity flows. Rather, we seek to be a local brand name, firmly entrenched in the ebb and flow of local market currents.